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While in DC, my family decided to try Ethiopian food. So, we headed to DAS (formerly under the name of Zed’s) in Georgetown. At first glance it looks like a restaurant for a more formal affair, with its leather back seats and clean white tablecloths. However, as you look more closely you’ll see something missing: silverware. That’s right- Ethiopian food is finger food! So, while you can go for a special occasion, it’s perfectly acceptable to take the whole family. : )

Because we never had Ethiopian food before, we got the vegetarian sampler, the chicken & beef (meat) sampler, and the Ethiopian style short ribs (Godin Tibs).  Everything was very flavorful and multi-dimensional.

Additionally, my father tried a glass of Ethiopian wine. Being a more sweet wine, I thought it was alright. : P

Overall, it was a unique experience and I recommend everyone to try Ethiopian food at least once. If you go to DAS, I suggest trying the vegetarian sampler. Those were really good…and the ribs. : P