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From Normal...

...To Extraordinary!

The Assignment:

Transform someone from normal to extraordinary.

The Process:

The original prompt says to use someone else, but I decided to just use myself. So, I took a picture of myself wearing a wig to edit in Photoshop. I enlarged the eyes using the liquify tool. Then, I went to the filter gallery and used 3 filters (I forget 2 of them, but 1 was the water paper affect). Additionally, I went into lens correction and messed with the vignette setting. Afterwards, I opened it in iPhoto to adjust the contrast, definition, and sharpness a bit more to enhance the graininess.

The Story:

Gamification. A key concept in one of Dr. Alexander’s predictions of the future. When hearing about the term, I immediately thought about TRON. So, I decided to do this TRON-inspired photo. I decided on old-school TRON rather than the newer version simply because I find the visual more humorous.

The internet is becoming more of a necessity in everyday life. People have a second- self online; this is how I imagine my online self might look like in old-school TRON form. Maybe one day we’ll actually have a tangible online dimension, similar to a TRON world-hopefully the new TRON world…old-school TRON world looked kinda clunky. : P

…This ‘after’ photo looks HILARIOUS!