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The Assignment:

Create an album cover for a band.

The Process:

I went to the wikipedia randomizer page, and got the term ‘Glazoué’ as my band’s name. Next, using the Randomizer in the quotations page, I got the words ‘That I may see Thee’. I was going to use the random photo as the guidelines said, but the photos weren’t Creative Commons. So, to stay safe, I decided to use a picture I took in 銀座 today.

I then combined these three elements in Photoshop. The font used is ‘Handwriting-Dakota’ (maybe something off of dafont?). To make the font stand out a bit more, I used the backdrop feature. Finally, I cropped my original photo down (it was too long).

The Story:

Glazoué is an American pop-rock band with two male leads, a rapper and singer. The rapper has a style mix of Jay-Z and B.o.B, while the singer has a voice similar to that of Jay Kim from the Trax. There is a female pianist, guitarist and  bass guitarist, and a male drummer.

The name Glazoué comes from where they all first met on a volunteer trip. All the members strongly support volunteer work and charity. Their latest cd, titled ‘That I may see Thee’, is a charity cd, and 100% of the cds’ profits go toward aiding victims of 3/11.  The cd is a 5 track cd featuring remakes of 4 of their biggest hits, and 1 brand new song only for the cd.