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 Facebook has taken over the internet. This is an inference that many people have made for some time now, but the statistics in this infographic reflect and support this thesis. With my group (Jay, Yue, Rodnie, Alex), we break down and analyze this infographic to judge how accurate and efficient it is.

The section I’d like to focus on is the funding portion. At the surface, this graph has a standard, organized layout. The information is displayed in chronological order starting with the oldest funding source at the top and the newest funding source at the bottom. Beside each number is the source who funded the sum. The graph ends with a sum total of the funds gathered.

Digging deeper, I searched into where this information originated. It seems to come from crunchbase, a free database on technology companies, people, and investors. There is a catch: anyone can edit it, similar to Wikipedia. Though, as I do adore a database of information shared by the people (Web 2.0 anyone?), I searched farther back into the sources. I am happy to report that the information in this graph seems to be accurate. It is also interesting to note, many of the funding sources have partial ownership of Facebook.

Overall, this portion of the infographic appears to have accurate statistics and displays them efficiently. I do question color scheme of the infographic as a whole: Why purple and orange? Why not use the Facebook color scheme? Also, one way they could have added to this section of the infographic was to make the bars proportional in size to the funds. Of course, this is just my opinion. Maybe the creator of this infographic thought it would clutter or confuse.