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-Infographic by Julianna Rae

My friend sent me a link to this humorous, and slightly surprising, infographic. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to share it.  Some interesting facts from this:

44% of Americans wear nothing to bed, with people age 51-60 being the most likely to do so!

Far surpassing other options, 67% of women prefer their guy to wear boxers to bed, followed by 29% who prefer he wears nothing at all.

According to 63% of surveyees, briefs are the winner of the age old question: Boxers or Briefs.

The Breakdown: Overall, I found this infographic to be very effective. When I first saw this infographic, I was reminded of infographics in Women’s magazines. So, it was not surprising to research and discover many of the sources are magazines. The color scheme, images, and even information, which compose this infographic suggest it’s target audience to be women. This belief was confirmed, as I researched into Julianna Rae and found out it is a designer lingerie/sleepwear brand. Despite this fact, I don’t believe the purpose is to advertise the brand. If it was, it wouldn’t have shown the popularity of lack of sleepwear. Instead, I believe this infographic was to simply amuse women. So, if you don’t understand how it amuses women…well, it just does. It’s a female thing. : P