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DS106 Assignment:

Create your own Pokemon card.

The Process:

I used this Pokemon card generator to create the whole thing. It consists of various drop down menus and text boxes to personalize the card, making the process very simple. I uploaded a photo I took of Colby, a friend’s dog. Then, I created “attacks” based on Colby’s personality. After personalizing the card to my liking, I saved the finished product onto my computer.

The Story:

Last summer I pet-sat for my friends who went on a cruise. They have two chihuahuas, Tidbit and Colby. Tidbit, the older of the two, missed his family very much and took a while to open up. Puppy Colby, on the other hand, didn’t realize anything out of place. He was overjoyed to be played with and petted. Whether it was to play with him, or stop him from heckling Tidbit, this tiny furball full of energy had me running around the house. Then at night, Colby, who usually sleeps in his crate, slept on the bed with me (after trying to pounce on my face, of course). Ironically, Tidbit, who usually sleeps on the bed, slept in his crate.

I used to collect Pokemon cards and Yugioh cards, but I never played the card games. I liked the cards because I liked the artwork. So, when I decided on this assignment, I knew the most important aspect of the card would be the image. I chose Colby as the subject of my Pokemon card because the personality that was captured in this picture represents him so well; young, curious, and a little mischievous.