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Photography by Ryan Lobo

DS106 Assignment:

Image With a Message: Enhance a famous quotation by superimposing it on a “Creative Commons” image and give it proper credit.

The Process:

This assignment is quite simple, actually. I started with searching for a quote-which I decided HAD to be Star Wars. After deciding on a Yoda classic, I searched Creative Commons on Flickr for a suitable picture. Once I found one, it took a matter of seconds in Photoshop to add the text (Although, all that is ESSENTIALLY needed for this project is MS Paint, or something equivalent).

The Story:

I chose this quote because of how accurate I feel it is. The mind of a child is not burdened by the trivial hassles an adult mind may possess. Its potential is limitless, as is that of the internet.

I believe this quote is also reflective of a technology pioneer: Alan Turing. The father of computer science and artificial intelligence, Turing was talented in mathematics and sciences from childhood. His talents and intelligence were utilized in World War II to break German ciphers at Bletchley Park. He concentrated on Cryptanalysis of the Enigma with Dilly Knox, and was awarded the OBE in 1945.

Alan Turing worked on designs for the ACE (Automatic Computing Engine), and presented the first detailed blueprints of a stored-program computer. He also worked on software for the Manchester Mark 1, an early stored-program computer.

Though, one thing Turing is most well known for is the Turing Test. This test addresses the issues on artificial intelligence. The test is supposed to assess a machine’s ability to exhibit human-like intelligence. A judge converses with a human and a machine via text-media. If the judge cannot tell which is the machine, then the machine has won.

Alan Turing’s visions set the foundation for the modern computer. He honed the potential he had as a child, and used it to conceptualize and create; characteristics of a pioneer.