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What is it? Such a simple question doesn’t have quite as simple an answer, in my opinion. It’s a source of information, networking, entertainment. Relatively young in comparison to other media platforms, yet revolutionizing how society interacts. Videos of civilian uprisings and government oppression can be posted for millions of people around the globe to see within seconds of the occurrence. Families and friends on opposite sides of the Earth can chat face to face. People can get high school diplomas and college degrees without stepping a foot into a brick and mortar educational institute. 

Pretty impressive, right? Yet, we haven’t even scratched the surface of it.

Saying that, I can’t tell you everything about the internet. I use the internet as most do; as a form of communication, entertainment, education, and expression. Though, I have been exposed to the internet since I was very young, and went to a cyber school for high school. Thus, it has been, and probably always will be, deeply interconnected with all aspects of my life. Some may not understand this relationship, and that’s fine. Though, the fact remains that the internet is alive and thriving, and I want to understand and explore its tangled web of fragmented information.

Curiosity killed the cat, but who cares? It still has eight more lives.