Getting Your Hands Dirty


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Price: $$

While in DC, my family decided to try Ethiopian food. So, we headed to DAS (formerly under the name of Zed’s) in Georgetown. At first glance it looks like a restaurant for a more formal affair, with its leather back seats and clean white tablecloths. However, as you look more closely you’ll see something missing: silverware. That’s right- Ethiopian food is finger food! So, while you can go for a special occasion, it’s perfectly acceptable to take the whole family. : )

Because we never had Ethiopian food before, we got the vegetarian sampler, the chicken & beef (meat) sampler, and the Ethiopian style short ribs (Godin Tibs).  Everything was very flavorful and multi-dimensional.

Additionally, my father tried a glass of Ethiopian wine. Being a more sweet wine, I thought it was alright. : P

Overall, it was a unique experience and I recommend everyone to try Ethiopian food at least once. If you go to DAS, I suggest trying the vegetarian sampler. Those were really good…and the ribs. : P



La Habichuela Sunset


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Price: $$$

Where better to enjoy Mexican food than in Mexico?! That was my mindset when I went to Cancun. That’s correct- I didn’t think about partying, as someone my age would normally associate with Cancun (well, it was a passing thought…), I just imagined nomming on some comida deliciosa! : P  So while my family was in Cancun, we enjoyed as much Mexican food as we could stuff into our tummies! Recommended by the concierge, La Habichuela Sunset is a nice restaurant with yummy Mayan inspired dishes.

Here’s some pictures:
The sangria was sooo good!

Note: Photo credits to my sister.


Iron Man Told Me To Do It!


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Price: $

I’ll be honest; I never heard about shawarma prior to watching The Avengers. Though, Iron Man’s stamp of approval is enough for me (and many others) to find out what shawarma is. So, my sister and I met my dad for lunch at Cedars Cafe. At this Lebanese cafe we’d discover shawarma.

Shawarma is like the Middle Eastern equivilant of the Greek gyros. It has a bit of a kick, but is not UNBEARABLE for those who don’t like spice. Mine came with the meat, hummus, sauce, and salad toppings to be put into the provided pita bread. They also had a pre-wrapped sandwich version.

We also had some Turkish coffee! The waitress described it as similar to an espresso. I’m not really a coffee person, but it was alright. It grew on me as I drank more.

Overall, it was a nice lunch. The family at the table next to us also came due to The Avengers bump. : P ONE OF US. ONE OF US.


Ferrara NYC


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I’ve been coming to this bakery & cafe since I could remember. I love Ferrara’s; a family owned business since its creation in 1892, it has a welcoming family atmosphere. All the desserts are TO DIE FOR, and my figure should be thankful I don’t live within a subway ride’s distance. Here are some pictures from my last visit:

The Chocolate Mousse Cake: ordered by my father, yet I probably ate about a 1/3 of it. : P

The Tiramisu Gelati: I’m not typically a tiramisu person, yet this was delicious! It had the perfect amount of coffee to it!

The classic New York Cheesecake! So perfect and smooth! I miss it already… : (((

If these pictures look appetizing, you can check out their website to see what else they have!


I want a TRON Legacy Light Cycle!


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From Normal...

...To Extraordinary!

The Assignment:

Transform someone from normal to extraordinary.

The Process:

The original prompt says to use someone else, but I decided to just use myself. So, I took a picture of myself wearing a wig to edit in Photoshop. I enlarged the eyes using the liquify tool. Then, I went to the filter gallery and used 3 filters (I forget 2 of them, but 1 was the water paper affect). Additionally, I went into lens correction and messed with the vignette setting. Afterwards, I opened it in iPhoto to adjust the contrast, definition, and sharpness a bit more to enhance the graininess.

The Story:

Gamification. A key concept in one of Dr. Alexander’s predictions of the future. When hearing about the term, I immediately thought about TRON. So, I decided to do this TRON-inspired photo. I decided on old-school TRON rather than the newer version simply because I find the visual more humorous.

The internet is becoming more of a necessity in everyday life. People have a second- self online; this is how I imagine my online self might look like in old-school TRON form. Maybe one day we’ll actually have a tangible online dimension, similar to a TRON world-hopefully the new TRON world…old-school TRON world looked kinda clunky. : P

…This ‘after’ photo looks HILARIOUS!


TUJ Student Film Festival: Design Festa Gallery Exhibition


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This weekend, a special 3-day exhibition at Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku will feature TUJ student-made films. This is the first time since 2006 that TUJ films will be showcased to the public. Pieces from the original 2012 TUJ Student Film Festival will be showcased, as well as many other works. Both narrative and documentary styles will be featured.

The times for the exhibition are as follows:

Friday: April 6 3PM-7PM

Saturday: April 7 12PM-7PM

Sunday: April 8 12PM-5PM

On Saturday, there will be a small party with snacks and beverages provided. : D

The event is free, so stop by if you’re in the neighborhood. There are a lot of talented student filmmakers in TUJ whose work will be showcased!

For more information, check out the event site!

You can also RSVP and invite friends on the FB page!

Hope to see you there~


Daydreams about the Future


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Dr. Bryan Alexander made some interesting hypotheses for the future in his lecture at The National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education. The ones which truly interested me were his Phantom Learning and Alternative Residential scenarios, probably due to my own “blended” education. In these scenarios, the education system changes; online courses and cyber schools become more mainstream.

What I like about these propositions is the idea of education being as close as your laptop. Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs) and Distance Learning(DL) make getting certification and degrees more accessible in a hectic life. Through this system, I can imagine a simpler process of getting additional certificates or degrees while working and raising a family. Children can pursue and participate in various activities while still receiving a good education. Online education is just STARTING to trend, so it is interesting to imagine the possibilities.

Although, I am unsure it will go as far as Dr. Alexander predicts: He said the majority of children by the age of 18 will have taken online courses, or have had more education online than in traditional schools. I don’t believe this will happen in ten years. Maybe in 20 or 30, but not quite as soon as ten. I have a few reasons for this:

1)Interaction: Probably the best thing about brick and mortar schools is the ability to interact on a daily basis with many other people. This teaches children various things ex. how to act in a public setting, how to interact with others, awareness and acceptance of differences

2)Location: The child will be home taking courses online, but who will be with them? In many(all?) states, adult supervision is required for minors in cyber schools. Many households have two working parents, so neither is home to supervise the child.

Overall, I think Dr. Alexander has some interesting and optimistic ideas. I believe Augmented Reality(AG) would serve great for educational purposes, and bring efficiency to day to day life. I can imagine traveling for vacation and being able to hold up my phone to signs and maps to translate them or unfamiliar objects to find out what they are. Growth of MOOCs and DL is inevitable, and will become necessary as our lives become more and more hectic.

I, too, am optimistic to see how technology will effect our lives.


A Vision for the Future of Higher Education


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I am a first year university student. As my first year soon draws to a close, I look back and reflect on some of my experiences. As it turns out, University isn’t quite what I thought it would be. One surprising thing is that some of my classes have a lot more new media-driven curricula. While shocking to see Tumblr and Twitter used in a classroom setting, it is logical to acknowledge the power of the internet; it is a growing extension of our lives.

After reading Gardner Campbell’s article A Personal Cyberinfrastructure, I wondered if higher education will truly incorporate the internet as he proposes. I honestly feel it would be an awesome idea; as corporations grow and we welcome a global economy, companies turn towards the internet to advertise and sell their products. With the rise of social networking, people jump online to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. The internet has become a vital source of shared information, so why isn’t understanding its’ processes an integral part of education?

I would love for University to teach me HTML, CSS, Flash, and components of the internet, but I doubt it will do so as Campbell suggests. It is a pity, considering how important prospective employers see this knowledge. I will just have to teach myself in my spare time with resources like

Still…I totally agree that college is WAY better than high school. : P


US Politics on the Internet


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A growing trend in US politics is the utilization of the internet as another platform for propaganda. Seen above is an interesting example of this trend on YouTube. This trend was also reflected in 2007, when YouTube worked with CNN to host its first presidential debate using citizen-submitted videos. A year later, in 2008, seven of the sixteen candidates announced their election through YouTube.

US politics have reached further than YouTube. Politicians also use social networking sites, such as Facebook. Ever heard of Virginia State Senator Ryan McDougle? Well, Senator McDougle has a Facebook page. As an act to better reach the people, he invites his constituents to comment on this Facebook page. Well… that plan backfired. Why? Well, Senator McDougle is a strong supporter of the state’s mandatory transvaginal ultrasound bill. This bill would allow transvaginal ultrasounds to be performed on women without their consent. Because he’s decided to make such healthcare decisions for women, both female and male constituents visited his Facebook page and left comments:

Of course these comments have since been deleted, but this is exemplifies how US politicians utilize social networking sites and how useful it is at reaching the people (although, negative for the Senator in this case : P).

Though, politicians aren’t the only ones using social networking sites to further their cause. The people are, too! Facebook page SlutWalk works to bring awareness to rape culture and victim blaming. The cause also has various subpages according to locations around the world. The SlutWalk pages share links of current political issues pertaining to their cause in order to bring awareness. Then, they organize events and promote signing online petitions to politicians to further their goals, as well.

These are just two examples of this growing phenomenon of utilizing the internet for political means in the US. This strategy serves a variety of purposes. For example, it reaches many people very quickly. Also, it reaches a younger audience more effectively. The internet is a very effective tool that is now used not only as a form of entertainment, but also as platform for the propaganda of political purposes.


Remodeling for a Tastier Experience!


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The Assignment:

Revamp your WordPress Banner.

The Process:

I first gathered six photos I have taken of dishes I’ve eaten. Next, I opened Photoshop and made a blank canvas of the exact pixels (960Wx260H). I then resized all the photos to fit onto the banner. After, I feathered  the edges of the photos and arranged them on the blank canvas.

The Story:

My name is NOMNOMreeses for a reason- I love food! I enjoy fine dining and love to try new and unique dishes. For this banner design, I decided I wanted to share some of the beautiful and delicious dishes I’ve had recently. This new banner is fresh and and fun! I feel it reflects my name wonderfully. : )

It looks so yummy too…